Jens Saltin’s Biography & Resume

Jens Saltin, born- 81 in Strömsund, Jämtland is Director of Expansion Operations at the e-commerce company Klarna. He began his academic career with studies in psychology at Linköping University in 2002. (Swedish version of  Jens Saltin’s Biography & Resume can be found here)

In 2004, Jens Saltin enrolled at Handelshögskolan, Stockholm, and in 2009 he received an M. A. in Business Administration. Together with a couple of fellow students, including Niklas Adalberth, he founded Handels Poker Society in 2004, where he also served as president during the first few years.

2005-2006, Jens Saltin was Head of Company Relations at SSE’s Business Forum, also called Handelsdagarna. From 2006 to 2008, Jens worked as an Equity Sales Analysis Assistant at Nordea Capital Markets, at the main office in Stockholm.

In 2006, Jens Saltin lived in San Francisco, California, where he worked for a hedge fund, Rubicon. The following year, he had an internship at the Bank of New York, in New York City. There, he worked with American Depositary Receipts, a negotiable security that represents the securities of non-U. S. companies trading in the U. S. financial markets.

During 2008, Jens Saltin worked for Goldman Sachs in London, at the Capital Markets Department. He began his career at Klarna in August, 2009. Until January, 2010, he worked in product development heading a project that created Klarna Mobile, a payment solution for digital products.

Between January and March, 2010, Jens Saltin was Key Account Manager for Klarna in Sweden. After that, he served as Head of Sales Sweden. In February, 2011, Jens Saltin advanced further on the career ladder, when he was appointed as Klarna’s Head of Operations in Holland. During 2012, Jens Saltin received yet another assignment for the payment solution business and can now title himself Head of Expansion Operations.

The company Klarna was founded in 2005 and has expanded rapidly since then. By allowing customers to receive the goods first and then pay, and concurrently secure payment to the vendor by assuming the risk of credit and fraud, the dream has become reality. The company has grown from a basement operation to an outfit with offices in six counties, and from three to more than seven hundred employees.

Klarna have not only realized the dream of a safer, simpler, and more enjoyable e-trade. Together we have also established Klarna as a leading actor on the European market.

– But despite a fantastic journey, we refuse to be contented with what we’ve accomplished. We will continue to transform e-commerce by developing new payment solutions that allow affiliated businesses to sell more goods to a larger number of people. And that allows consumers to make online purchases in a secure manner. Klarna makes the world payable, says Jens Saltin.

Contact information:

Jens Saltin

Klarna AB

+46 (0)765 2 600 67

Norra Stationsgatan 61

SE-113 43 Stockholm